ECCA was founded in 2002 to record, document and present traditional music and musicians in Egypt, encouraging their return to the critical role they have played in the daily life and imagination of the Egyptian people, countering the trend to isolate them from their original communities, and, by presenting the music in new contexts to national, regional and international audiences, to encourage its perception as a vibrant and renewable cultural resource for creative work and dialogue with musicians of the world community. This vision translates into a program of fieldwork, documentation, archiving, workshops, rehearsals, audio and video productions, and weekly musical evenings housed in “Makan”, an old printing house in downtown Cairo.

ECCA brings a unique perspective to the research and promotion practices of folklorists and musicologists in Egypt and is committed to, not only facilitating the work of visiting researchers, but raising the issues and profile of such work among local academicians, researchers and students.

Contents of the DVD
1. Abdou Dagher – Cairo
2. Abou El Gheit – Zar – Delta
3. Moslem – Coptic Christian Hymns – Cairo
4. Arghoulmaker – Delta
5. Mizmaar Banga – Sohag- Upper Egypt
6. Egyptian Mozart -Marseille France
7. El Sayallah Wedding Dance – Nubia
8. Gharb Aswan Wedding Nubia
9. Jaafra – Aswan
10. Kaff Dance – Nubia 11. Mohamed Ebeid, Story Teller – Delta
12. Namim – Nubia
13. Tambour – Nubia
14. Said El Mogy – Delta
15. Saleh Abbas – Nubia
16. Sayed Gayer – Nubia
17. Sayed Kenzy – Nubia
18. Eneba – Zar Nubia
19. Umm Sameh 1 – Zar – Cairo
20. Umm Sameh 2 – Zar – cairo
21. Zikr El Sayallah – Nubia