Lois Ibsen Al Faruqi Prize 2005

The Society for Ethnomusicology has awarded ECAA the Lois Ibsen al-Faruqi Prize, 2005. The prize, offered every three years, was established in memory of the distinguished ethnomusicologist Dr. Lois Ibsen al-Faruqi and is offered “to provide a deserving institution or individual in the Muslim world with a three-year gift membership in the Society for Ethnomusicology

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From “La Repubblica”, Italy

Egypt, the place that challenges the curfew. “Cairo must be alive at night as well” (La Repubblica, 13/09/2013) It’s called Makan, it’s the only place open from 11 pm to 6 am: traditional and innovative music, food, film shows. The owner: “We are not breaking the law. This is a cultural workshop”. by Giovanna Loccatelli

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