Folk Music Archive

The archive of the Egyptian Center for Culture and Art (ECCA/Makan) includes a large and diverse collection of sound recordings, audio-visual material and photographs which cover a significant proportion of Egyptian musical heritage. This archive has been collected over the years across Egypt’s various regions. In addition to ECCA’s own publications — several books addressing specific aspects of Egyptian musical heritage — the center also maintains an index of related resources. This material has been classified and archived in a way which facilitates its use by researchers, artists, and music lovers. Since the archive is immense — over 65 terabytes — we offer here only a sample and invite those interested to visit ECCA to access its resources personally.

Sufi & Zikr

Zar / Mazaher

Nass Makan

Jaafra Tribes




Salma El Assal


Hassan El Soghaiar