Aragide is a traditional Nubian troupe, aiming to save the ancient Nubian musical traditions. This legacy is in danger of extinction as Nubians younger than 60 years of age have forgotten the ancient songs and those who still remember them are no longer sought after to perform. In 2003 ECCA brought Sayed Gayer (who died in 2005) and Salih Abbas, old and experienced musicians, together with two generations of performers from all over Egypt and formed the troupe ‘Aragide’ with the aim of keeping this cultural legacy alive. Aragide is one of the few active ensembles playing the traditional music of old Nubia. The term denotes the practice and music of the main procession in the wedding traditions of the Fedija. The aim of ECCA is not simply to preserve this music as part of its performance programs, but to promote it and give it a home until such time as it can once again be appreciated in its original context.