Megumi & Friends in Egypt music night,Tuesday, July 31 at 8 Pm.

Border-crossing violinist and composer Megumi Saruhashi brings her award-winning group, Megumi & Friends from New York to Egypt. Megumi & Friends originally started in Brooklyn, New York. This summer Megumi & Friends are formed in Cairo with her Egyptian friends. This is where Megumi shares her compositions in her tireless search for finding unity within diversity in people and music.

Megumi’s music is ignited by a wide range of influences, including Arabic music, jazz, classical, tango, gospel, minimalism and many more and she has studied extensively for various traditions, jazz, western classical, argentinian tango, and arabic music.

Megumi & Friends

From the Carnegie Hall to refugee camps in the middle east, Brooklyn based Japanese violinist and composer, Megumi has delivered her music to people of all circumstances around the globe.

Focusing on the intersections and connections between music and the soul, Megumi uses her musical training to form new and unexpected alliances between musical genres.

The musicians :

Megumi Saruhashi violin and compositions

Amor Darwish, violin

Mina Gamal, oud

Mostafa Gowida piano

Walid Galal, percussion

Tickets price: 40 L.E per person
Limited seats
Doors open at 8:30 pm.
: Reservations is canceled at 8:30 pm.

No photos or videos allowed.

Tea and Karkade are served
To rsvp.
by E-mail:
Tel: 27920878 00202
Makan: 1 (Not 1a) Saad Zaghloul Street, 11461, El Dawaween, Cairo.
(close to Saad Zaghloul Metro station)