CAIRO IMPRO at Makan on Tuesday Sep 18, at 8 pm

ليلة من الارتجال الحر يقدمها Cairo Impro

Cairo Impro:
مشروع موسيقي يهدف الى نشر موسيقي وثقافة الارتجال الحر عن طريق إقامة سلسلة من الحفلات وورش عمل يديرها بافل كوشما (عازف جيتار من بولندا) وبهاء الانصاري (مؤلف موسيقي معاصر من مصر) لموسيقيين من جميع المستويات و جميع الاتجاهات الموسيقية (موسيقى تقليدية، موسيقي الجاز، الموسيقي الكلاسيكية…الخ) بهدف التعريف بهذا النوع من الموسيقي/الاداء.

بعد نجاح الورشة وحفل المؤسسين في نوفمبر 2017 تطورت فكرة المشروع لتشمل ورش دورية واقامات فنية لمشتركين جدد، وتأسيس لفرقة موسيقيين محترفين ليكونوا هم نواة Cairo Impro في مشاريعها/حفلاتها القادمه.

*الارتجال الحر هي طريقة تسمح للموسيقيين بأستخدام اي اسلوب كيفما شاؤوا، لا قواعد خاصه بالايقاع، او تجانس الاصوات (Harmony)، او اللحن. يمكن في الارتجال الحر ايضا استخدام اصوات مختلفه عن طبيعة الاصوات الصادره من الالات الموسيقية حيث يعتبر التعامل مع الصوت/الصمت في حد ذاته كاّلة موسيقية.

بافل كوشما – دانيل ميريل – جاكلين جورج – حسن حسني – سامر شنوده

أسعار التذاكر 50 جنيه للفرد
حتى نفاد الأماكن
1شارع سعد زغلول – على يمين ضريح سعد زغلول – 11461- الدواوين – القاهرة
(بالقرب من محطة مترو سعد زغلول)

للحجز مسبقاً عن طريق البريد الإلكترونى
ت: 27920878 00202
الدخول الساعة 7:30 م
والحجز يسقط الساعة 7:30 م



Paweł Kuźma – Daniel Merril – Jacqueline George – Samer Shenouda – Hassan Hosney

Tickets price: 50 L.E per person
Limited seats
Doors open at 7:30 pm.
Ps: Reservations is canceled at 7:30 pm.

Tea and Karkade are served
To rsvp.
by E-mail:
Tel: 27920878 00202
MakAn: 1 (Not 1a) Saad Zaghloul Street, 11461, El Dawaween, Cairo.
(close to Saad Zaghloul Metro station)


Free improvisation represents the culmination of the avant-gardist musician’s quest for complete, uncompromised freedom. To improvise means to perform without preparation, to make music on the spot.

Improvising is nothing new: classical composers like Mozart were accomplished improvisers. But free improvisation lets the musicians do whatever they want, regardless of any rule. Rhythm, harmony, melody, even respect for the physical integrity of the instrument itself (preparations and home-built instruments are often used) are shattered.

The free improviser channels his creative energy through his instrument and plays. A lot harder than it may seem, free improvising requires extensive musical and psychological training, as the musician must attain a high level of concentration, an ability to metaphorically strip naked in front of the audience, and if he is not performing alone, to listen to the other improvisers in order to interact with them if he doesn’t want to get isolated. Free improvisers come from very diverse backgrounds — jazz, rock, electronica, oriental, even classical — and perform in settings ranging from solo to large groups called creative orchestras.

Free improvisation is not the same as free jazz. Free jazz often remained anchored in its originating idiom, using heads and licks to structure the improvised material. There is no such thing in free improvisation — being freed of all rules, it cannot be traced back to a genre other than the very generic term “avant-garde.”

As a style, free improv started to emerge in the late 1960s, mainly on the Berlin and London scenes, when the musicians started to push American free jazz into more abstract territories. A group of musicians developed an approach to improvisation relying on listening, toning down, trying to “become” the other musicians while being oneself, instead of attempting to outplay the other participants. In the late 1990s/early 2000s, an even more radical approach to free improvisation emerged, based on silence and the use of very short, very fragmented musical gestures.

CAIRO IMPRO; a series of Free Improvisation concerts & workshop to run in Cairo by Bahaa El-Ansary (Egyptian Composer) & Paweł Kuźma (Polish Guitarist), who are -both- high-level experts in Free Improvisation. They received many classes/workshop with different tutors, and improvised with many musicians from all over the world.

As free improvisation had already risen and took place in many countries, but not in our region, CAIRO IMPRO aims to educate, both, musicians and audience in Egypt about Free Improvisation.