Artemisia X at Makan – أرتميسيا إكس في مكان

اللغة العربية بالأسفل

Artemisia X
Genre: Gothic-Blues
13 June 2019

Artemisia X is an American singer/songwriter/guitarist/percussionist who has traveled to Cairo via Andalusia to create songs for her 4th album. With her will be local musicians Mohamed Hamza on the oud and Bouda Abo Elyazid on percussion. This is her first and only scheduled Cairo appearance before her return to NY.

Instagram: ArtemisiaRudy

Artemisia Xene – voice, guitar, foot percussion
Bouda Abo Elyazid – percussion (popular Cairo musician who has performed with many groups in many styles of music)
Special Guest : Hisham Anas – Oud (composer and performer)

آرتيميسيا مغنية / كاتبة أغاني / عازفة جيتار / عازفة أمريكية سافرت إلى القاهرة عبر الأندلس لإنشاء أغاني لألبومها الرابع. سيكون معها الموسيقيين محمد حمزة على العود وبودة أبو اليزيد على الإيقاع. هذا هو ظهورها الأول والوحيد في القاهرة قبل عودتها إلى نيويورك.
Artemisia Xene – صوت ، جيتار ،
بودة أبو اليزيد – قرع (موسيقي شعبي في القاهرة قام بالعزف مع العديد من المجموعات في العديد من أنماط الموسيقى)
ضيف خاص: هشام انس – عود (ملحن وعازف)

More on Artemisia X:

Artemisia X has written and performed a mix of European and American music ranging from opera to southern jazz and blues to classic and alternative rock. She was always drawn to egyptian and arabic styles, culminating in this, her first visit to Cairo. She will play a mix of songs from 3 albums, a handful of interesting covers, plus new songs written in Andalusia and here in Egypt. Andy Ellis of Premiere Guitar Magazine already credited her with this: “Listening to her music is like entering a door to another world…Echoes of widely disparate artists such as Portishead, Moby, Billie Holiday, Leonard Cohen, Stevie Nicks, and trance-inducing North Mississippi hill country blues reverberate through her songs, which she skillfully orchestrates… Artemisia’s ethereal voice alternately whispers, moans, and soars as she beckons the listener…” Now with oriental influences and Hisham Anas on oud and Bouda Abo Elyazid on percussion for the first time, it will be a new kind of experience for her and for the audience both!